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Size Friendly

A body-loving community

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There's a lot of hatred and misunderstanding on both sides of the fence about body-size, weight, and self-image. We've all felt like we're not young/old/tanned/pale/toned/skinny/curvy/pretty/handsome enough at some time or another. The purpose of this group is to provide support and help for each of us to accept the things we cannot change about ourselves, love our bodies for the beautifully unique creations they are, and speak up against society's increasingly narrow standards of beauty.

At the moment, membership is open and this is a pretty free community. The hope is that all of can be mature and discuss various body issues in a civil, friendly fashion. So, stop and think before you join us. Do you think that all fat people are just lazy gluttons who just need to put down the twinkies and get on a treadmill? Or, conversely, do you think that all skinny people obviously have eating disorders and/or addictions to diet drugs? If so, this may not be the community for you.

Otherwise, come on in and feel free to say hi!