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Fun fat statistics to know and share!

According to Marilyn Wann's book and zine, Fat!So?, Americans spend over $40 billion dollars annually on the diet industry. That includes everything from artificial sweeteners to weight-loss surgery(i.e. liposuction, gastric bypass, stomach stapling, etc...). Just to give you an idea of how much that is...

With $40 billion, we could:

-pay the federal deficit twice

-donate four times more money to charities than the combined donations from all US corporations

-fund the NEA for 250 years


-provide six times more federally-funded day care to help working parents.

In Leora Tannenbaum's book, Catfight, she tells us that the average American woman is at least 140 lbs and wears a size 14.

Makes you think, huh?
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Weekend Plans?

What has everyone done this weekend?

These past few weeks, I have been doing a *lot* of shopping...It's become like a disease! I have literally spent hundreds of dollars of clothes that I really like, but am not sure that I need.

Anyway, yesterday I went out with my husband and he suggested that we go into an Avenue that we hadn't gone into and of course I bought some more stuff...

Good thing is that this forced me to clean out my closet and get rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff that has been cluttering it up.

I also got some new stuff back from the tailor this I feel totally revamped.
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Hi everyone...

I just joined this community yesterday and have read some of the postings and like what I see.

I'm 39, in the NYC area and I'm in the process of opening my own art and custom framing business with my husband of 10 years. I have 2 jobs (one full time and one part time) and in a few weeks I will be leaving both to go into the unknown.

I have always fluctuated with my lowest size being a 3 and my highest at 14W/16W (which is where I am now). I'm just about getting past hating the size I am now. I don't love it, but to be honest, I am sick and tired of dieting and driving myself nuts about it. I'm just not willing to pay as high a price as I need to get into a size 10 again.
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Ven Ra

(no subject)

Hi Sharon and everyone else!

I'm yet another person who's glad this community was set up, there's so much spam about "lose weight now" things, everyone seems to have forgotten that being too skinny is just as damaging to psychological health...

During my childhood I went to 5 different schools at different stages and ages of my life and was *always* bullied in every single one of them. It was always the same reason as well, everyone thought I was ill or something because I was (and still am) so thin. Being a constant influence on my development from such a young age, I've always hated my body.

Even now, (at 23 years of age) being part of a particular social demographic where the popular media of that environ pushes the ideal of every guy is only considered attractive if they have well defined pecs, muscular arms and the legs of an athlete (etc) is just as bad... maybe even worse in some ways.

Yay for the internet! :-)
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missgreytea@LJ: Cath Kidston Apple

I am glad this LJ community was created

I am really glad this community was created, because I cannot stand rating communities, which rate your beauty or uglyiness!

I am a victim of 'teasing', and I still bare the scars today. I have been teased about my nose-its not perfect, and my weight. Why, I have been told in my face that I am fat or that I am 'not attractive'.

I have tried to diet-but when I am under extreme pressure and stress in all environments, including home, its not worth it. When you have a younger sister, who has the PERFECT figure, and all the relatives love her, what is the point eh! My university friends are sticks, hence why they do not go shopping with me. But I do not care, and yes it gets to me..but that is just shallow.

I am happy with me. I have a loving boyfriend, and he believes I am beautiful, outside and within. I don't care what anyone thinks.

Thank you :D
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  • the_19

uhm. so.

i'm glad there's a place like this.

when i was little, i thought i was beautiful. then i went to school, where it was told to me, quite clearly, that i am ugly. i'm nearly half native american and i have a somewhat broad nose. which, as i got older, became my most hated feature.

then, when i was 13, i sprouted b-cup sized breasts nearly over night. they became nearly as hated as my nose.

i'm 30 now, and while i mostly accept what i look like, sometimes i still have my "i'm so ugly" days. i'm also a size 11, which sometimes seems okay, sometimes feels far too fat. *weak grin* mostly, i'm just messed up.

i've been told i'm beautiful, but getting barked at by guys at the mall didn't really help...
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Sims - Harley's LJ Update

Activism in it's most pure form, I say.

You know what? This is great. I think there should be more groups like this, not just on LJ, but everywhere.

I don't think people really realize how damaging society's idiotic standard of beauty is to anyone who comes in contact with it. Not just bigger people, but thinner people too. It's like, if you're not completely 100% perfect, you're substandard, and who are they to tell anyone that?

I don't understand how people can be so superficial. A person's body shape or size is only a very very tiny part of who they really are, so who cares what the package looks like...unless you're one of those weirdos who saves the wrapping paper from your gifts..that's just creepy and wrong.

Gods forbid you even talk about superficiality in the gay community... ::shudder::
All for you

(no subject)

First non-mod post is mine! MINE!

I agree, the standards of beauty have gotten way too narrow - but everyone who thinks so seems to be looking out for the plus sizes. Well, speaking as one of the thin ones, trust me, we have body issues too, and oftentimes they're legitimate ones. But we get no sympathy because we appear to be closer to the ideal.

And maybe we are, but dammit, I'm allowed to think my boobs are too small without a lot of eye-rolling from others! ;)

My self-image is great now - wasn't always. I thought I was ugly in my early teens, then figured myself for nondescript, but now I think I'm pretty. So nyah. :)

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Knitting Love

First post!

More or less this is a post to say hi, make sure the layout is not sucky and to post a bit about what this community is for.

Like the title said, we are size-friendly here, whatever that size may be. We feel that society's judgement of what constitutes beauty has gotten way too narrow, and we are willing to shout and be as annoying as possible until society listens and stops putting down everyone who looks different whether by choice or genetics.

It may sound corny, but dude, everyone is beautiful in thier own way.

A little info about me. My name is Sharon and I'm your moderator/den-mother type person. I'm going to try to bribe convince others into moderating this community with me.

I've had a life-time of mistreatment by others and a lot self-hatred due to body-issues. I was a stocky, bookish, klutzy child who grew into a fat teenager with no interest in athletics, mostly because I hated my peers' oh-so-mature commentary on how I looked in gym shorts.

It took years of work to get to the point I am now where I'm a size 18, work out at least three days a week, and feel that I am quite sexy and lovely, and anyone who can't appreciate that is simply not worth my time. But I still have my bad days, and I know that everyone has trouble seeing how great they look no matter what.

So, I'm here. I'm speaking up for the fat chicks (since I'm one of them), I'm speaking up for the skinny chicks (who need advocates too!), and I'm speaking up for everyone in-between (because someone's gotta do it).

Come on in. Tell us your stories, share your triumphs, your frustrations, and your fears. We're here to listen to you.
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