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According to this article, a woman was fired at a Ruby Tuesday in Hickory, North Carolina, claiming that management let her go because they said that she was too fat to find a uniform that could fit her properly.

I must wonder if that was just this store, because I know that mine has plenty of servers, including myself, who are not thin by any means. And I know there's not a one of us who have been fired over it. Admittedly, we did have a small clash with management over thier vauge threats of firing waitresses who didn't conform to the dress code by wearing a man's shirt instead of woman's shirt, but we demonstrated the difficulty of finding a plain, long-sleeve, button-down white shirt in the women's section to begin with, let alone the virtual impossibility of finding one that actually fits if you're anything above a size ten. After counter-mutterings of "lawsuit over wrongful termination based on gender and size discrimination," we hit on the compromise that men's shirts are okay, as long as they fit.

So, if I can get my size eighteen self into a pair of jeans and a white shirt that fit very comfortably and make me look very neat, polished, and professional, I sincerely believe that the manager who told her, "Your shirt will never fit you correctly. And you will never be able to buy that one that does" was either talking out of his ass or just has a problem with larger-sized people. Although I'm aware that fat people are not currently a protected group, this is still a specious and utterly ridiculous reason to fire someone who is, by all accounts, a damn good waitress.

And here's a bonus! Look kids! It's further proof that Neil Boortz and Tucker Carlson desperately need to be slapped!

And now I'm off to the gym.

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