Pinup Tami (pinuptami) wrote in size_friendly,
Pinup Tami

Another quick hello...

A recent thread reminded me that I never took the time to properly introduce myself, and for that I apologize!

I'm Tami, I am a full time college student, girlfriend, friend, webmodel, size 22 or 3x in pants, size 40D in bras and 1x or 2x in most tops.

I include my sizes in my intro because I think they very much play a part in who I am. It took until recently (about a year ago) for me to finally accept that my genetics were pointing me in the heavy-set direction, and very recently (six months or so ago) to start to love my body truly. I don't want to give him all the credit, but a lot of it has to do with my boyfriend, who, even before we started dating, pushed me away from diets and towards a better self esteem.

I told you guys I'm a college, student, and I am. I have a double major in Philosophy and Criminal Justice, and I aim to work for the ACLU as a size activist, gay/lesbian/transgendered activist and lawyer. I want to protect our rights as citizens (those of you who are) of the United States. I highly encourage everyone to get out and vote in this election. I will not tell you who to vote for, that is for you to decide.

The reason I feel posting links to other size-friendly things, such as online stores, ebay auctions, or even other websites about fat in general is, I want everyone to be informed. Like someone said, it is sometimes hard to find clothes. Believe me, I know this first hand, and when I first started looking, I really could have used the help.

Anyway, this is me in a nut-shell. I promise I'm usually more interesting, but I have to get ready for class, so I guess you will have to wait to find that out.

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