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Gracious, it's been quiet here!

So, in an attempt to get you lot posting again, since I guess I'm kind of in charge here (terrifying thought...), I guess we do some self-image work and ego-building and start telling stories.

So...tell me about a time that you totally ignored all your body hang-ups and insecurities and felt that you were a beautiful person. It can be any time you want and any type of beauty you want. Just give me a story about feeling good about yourself and what set it off. You can either reply in the comments or you can make a whole new post about it.
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I *wish* I knew what set it off...I don't! It just happened. Most things in my life happen that way.
Dude! Boobies!

Sorry...I couldn't resist.
Boobies rule! :-)
They do indeed.
Truth be told I try to do that at all times. Luckily for me, I'm way too stubborn to accept the way people wanted me to feel about myself. I'm way too stubborn to accept myself and others as being substandard because Seventeen magazine says that size 4 waists are in this season.

If I had to narrow it down, I'd say it was about 17 that I came to this conclusion. I just woke up one day and just kinda looked at myself and said "......Screw it."

I think Margaret Cho put it best when she said, and I'm paraphrasing, "I thought to myself one day, how much time would I say if I just realized that maybe this is just what I look like and all the dieting in the world isn't going to change that."

So this is just what I look like. And I'm cool with that because looking like this has taught me not to be a pretentious, stuck on myself arsehole and I've made some kickass friends (like our dear owner up there) by being the type of person who accepts myself and others for who they are, not what's on the surface.

Wow, that was totally not what you asked me, is it? Sorry -_-...

On an unrelated note, I DO have a post I've been meaning to put up but I haven't gotten 'round to it just yet.
I wish I would have realized this at 17...it would have been a hell of a lot easier. It took me til I was almost 40.