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Now this is commendable...

Kirstie Alley is getting a new series on Shotime called "Fat Actress."

I have so much respect for her right this second.

Even if she is a scientologist.
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Hmmm...I have to check if I have showtime. I know that Kirstie Alley has gained a lot of weight...the tabloids have been ripping her to shreds. I have also heard that she is not altogether displeased that she has gained the weight either. I'd love to see the show. Do you have any more info on it? I heard she hasn't been getting jobs because of her weight.
I haven't heard much else besides the fact that she's doing the show because, as you said, she's gained alot of weight and she hasn't been getting alot of jobs.

She's trying to show the rest of Hollywood that more weight does NOT equal the end of the career. I really commend her for that.
I wish more people would do that. Hollywood has a false sense of what actual people look like.
It's not just Hollywood, it's everywhere. Pick up any magazine you've got in your home and look at the pictures. All pretty people. They even use pretty people for hemmroid ads.

Fat people get arse sores too, y'know.

That's what just chafes the hell outta my arse. How am I supposed to feel normal when all the outside stimuli I'm getting says that I'm abnormal because I don't have less than 2% body fat.
You're right, but I think the entertainment industry sets the standard which everyone else follows. I remember being a size 8-10 and still feeling inadequate. I didn't feel quite perfect as a size 3 either, because I wasn't buff and tone.
Wish I got Showtime. Still, go Kirstie!
Yay! Another step twords making it a little easier for my size 16 backside to become a professional actress!

Did I say Yay yet? YAY!!!!!!
You do know that the purpose of the show is her desire to lose weight, correct?
She's not the hero you're making her out to be. She is working on getting herself down to her previous Hollywood thin self by the time the show premiers. In her interviews over the past few months (year?) all she talks about is what a pig she has been with food and how she won't have sex until she's skinny again and how she is fed up with being fat. I'm not terribly impressed.