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First post!

More or less this is a post to say hi, make sure the layout is not sucky and to post a bit about what this community is for.

Like the title said, we are size-friendly here, whatever that size may be. We feel that society's judgement of what constitutes beauty has gotten way too narrow, and we are willing to shout and be as annoying as possible until society listens and stops putting down everyone who looks different whether by choice or genetics.

It may sound corny, but dude, everyone is beautiful in thier own way.

A little info about me. My name is Sharon and I'm your moderator/den-mother type person. I'm going to try to bribe convince others into moderating this community with me.

I've had a life-time of mistreatment by others and a lot self-hatred due to body-issues. I was a stocky, bookish, klutzy child who grew into a fat teenager with no interest in athletics, mostly because I hated my peers' oh-so-mature commentary on how I looked in gym shorts.

It took years of work to get to the point I am now where I'm a size 18, work out at least three days a week, and feel that I am quite sexy and lovely, and anyone who can't appreciate that is simply not worth my time. But I still have my bad days, and I know that everyone has trouble seeing how great they look no matter what.

So, I'm here. I'm speaking up for the fat chicks (since I'm one of them), I'm speaking up for the skinny chicks (who need advocates too!), and I'm speaking up for everyone in-between (because someone's gotta do it).

Come on in. Tell us your stories, share your triumphs, your frustrations, and your fears. We're here to listen to you.
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