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Wooooooo!!! Hoooooooooooo!!!!!

I'm 99 3/4% sure I'll be quitting The Pit*s tomorrow. I might lose 2 perfect attendence days, but I've been given such a hassle about taking days that what the hell...the 2 perfect attendence days will probably equate into about 10 hours and if I lose them I lose them.

I already put in for 7/25 as a personal (I swear, I will never work another Sunday again there) and I had asked for Thursday 7/22 and Saturday 7/24 off...I wrote my manager a note last night, telling her that my father was having surgery and I needed those 2 days. I also asked for saturday, August 7th. She said I could have the thursday, but not the saturday.


I decided not to agonize over when I was going to take those 2 days, and if I lose them they are gone. It doesn't work out to be a hell of a lot of money, especially if you deduct meals. I should have taken then early on, but I didn't know I would be quitting this soon. I am sick of this job, and I want to be able to enjoy at least some of the summer without being stuck there on the weekends.

So...I will hand in my 2 weeks notice tomorrow. I will tell them that because of family obligations and opening my own business that it would be unfair of me to continue working there when my attention is being focused elsewhere...

That lets me off the hook...on all counts. I have a party on the 7th (that'll be past the 2 weeks)so I don't have to worry about taking that day because I will have already been out of there.

If I call out on the 24th...who cares???

If she chews me out about the 4th of July fiasco...hey, the point is totally moot.

Gotta love it.

Oh. Let's talk about spending.

I just spend $1300 on eyewear. That's right folks, $1300. Might as well spends it while I has it.

I went to the eye doctor today and he made a slight modification in my, being that it was 3 years since I got new frames, I decided to splurge...2 pair of Chanel funky red plastic and the other "floating" frameless. I must post pictures when I get them.

My husband encouraged the purchase.

I also got my order from today. I ordered a halter top and a t-shirt that says "curves ahead."

I have decided that I like my body as is pleasingly plump, although, admittedly, I could do without the cellulite in certain spots. last few items I bought have been much different from my usual fare...a little sexy and risque, but not like "Ohmygodlookatthatfatchicktryingtosqueezeintothatshit" look. I like the fullness of my arms, although some may argue that they are "fat." They aren't really. I think they are kinda there :-)

As for my butt, there's just more cushin for the pushin'. (Sorry, had to say that.)

I know I'm being nauseating...but I like feeling good about myself.

I'll shut up now.
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