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I am glad this LJ community was created

I am really glad this community was created, because I cannot stand rating communities, which rate your beauty or uglyiness!

I am a victim of 'teasing', and I still bare the scars today. I have been teased about my nose-its not perfect, and my weight. Why, I have been told in my face that I am fat or that I am 'not attractive'.

I have tried to diet-but when I am under extreme pressure and stress in all environments, including home, its not worth it. When you have a younger sister, who has the PERFECT figure, and all the relatives love her, what is the point eh! My university friends are sticks, hence why they do not go shopping with me. But I do not care, and yes it gets to me..but that is just shallow.

I am happy with me. I have a loving boyfriend, and he believes I am beautiful, outside and within. I don't care what anyone thinks.

Thank you :D
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