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uhm. so.

i'm glad there's a place like this.

when i was little, i thought i was beautiful. then i went to school, where it was told to me, quite clearly, that i am ugly. i'm nearly half native american and i have a somewhat broad nose. which, as i got older, became my most hated feature.

then, when i was 13, i sprouted b-cup sized breasts nearly over night. they became nearly as hated as my nose.

i'm 30 now, and while i mostly accept what i look like, sometimes i still have my "i'm so ugly" days. i'm also a size 11, which sometimes seems okay, sometimes feels far too fat. *weak grin* mostly, i'm just messed up.

i've been told i'm beautiful, but getting barked at by guys at the mall didn't really help...
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